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Lessons That Glitters精彩课堂

I Love Spanish20130303陈雅昕

Teachers in WFLA20130520王子瑞

Classes in WFLA20130609邢燕勒


Diverse Activities桃源乐事

My Trip to Hawaii20130103韩亦潇

Charity Bazaars in WFLA20130126李一奇

Jigsaw Puzzle of WFLA20130206曲梓萱

The Volunteers of Our School20130208许慈雯

A Librarian and WFLA20130209张蕴尧

Eternal Youth of Ours20130210赵思羽

My School20130215陈若禺

Those Good Old Days20130216胡峻恺

Whats the Cohesive Power in WFLA?20130225马思瑗

The Experience of Exchanging20130229周萌骁

Volunteer Spirit20130233朱颖

The Happiness of Volunteering20130234陈哲涛

Charity Matters20130304梅菁苑

We Are Not Alone20130307严昕瑜

Charming of Hosting20130313胡飞

Sense of Direction20130323居燕

So Much to Do, So Much to Learn20130338谢敬原


Persistence Makes Perfect20130417惠和华

The Most Unforgettable Memory20130434程品臻

A Taste of Success20130436黄序

An Unforgettable Moment20130438刘茹涵

An Unforgettable Experience20130440吴小能

An Exciting Experience20130508张欣蕊

An Unforgettable Experience20130510朱海下

An Unforgettable Activity in My Memory20130540徐砚彬

The Most Impressive Part of Life in WFLA20135108顾实

Teachers as Friends20135116李承骏

My Volunteering Experience20130601陈静莹

An Unforgettable Volunteering Experience in WFLA20130607沈荟玲

An Multicultural, and Unforgettable Arcadia20130616焦阳

The English Festival in WFLA20130634顾添骏

Deep Appreciation to You20130636韩宇森


WFLA, the Place from Which I Will Set Sail20130638黄庭浩

Places in the School20135107洪权

The Unforgettable Sports Meeting20136117方易

Yesterday Once More20136203顾一一

I Remember20136303陈依诺

Charity Fair20136323王甘铭

Unforgettable Water Rocket, Unforgettable Friends20136328周正康

True Friendship Lasts Forever20136406兰亭若

The Most Unforgettable Activity20136123邵亦宁

My Growth Through the Talent Show20136428朱浩博


Exclusive Moments往岁流光

Eternal Memory20130101董文瑄

Memories in WFLA20130108陆思颖

Eternal Memory20130113查思豪

Days in WFLA20130115杜孝文

My Favourite Place in School20130120苏意远

The White Sail in My Heart20130124丛乐天

My Memories of the School Library20130125戴令慧

The Colorful Memories of WFLA20130127马欣怡

My Memories in WFLA20130137黄正翔

Wherever Forever Love My School20130138沈思源

My Favourite Place in WFLA20130139施稼渔

School Life of Different Tastes20130141郑思瀚

The Good Old Days20130142朱铭昊

Four Years20130202姜黎希

The Fragrance20130203蒋门霖

Whenever Forever Love My School20130207王胤淇

The Life in WFLA20130212郑文雯

Reciting the Good Memory20130220周一帆

So Nice to Meet You, WFLA20130222郭馨璐

Looking Back20130227倪竹浚

Run Forward with Memories20130228王依诺

Nothing Is Going to Change My Love for You20130230周孝慈

The Smallest but the Biggest20130232朱奕欣

The Secret Garden20130239朱轶涵

Memories in WFLA20130242俞润央


Fleet of Time20130306史欣玥

The Significance of People Beside20130308杨晴

Our Best Time in Life20130310郑晨昕

Story of the Library20130315江驰

Days in WFLA20130316李骏宇

Recite It All20130317沈若寒

Challenging Myself20130319魏奕晨

WFLA Life20130320吴欣宇

WFLA in My Eyes20130321许则名

Days Gone By20130322张泽楷

Say Goodbye to Stage Fright20130325李潇宇

The Time in the Library20130326李炎柳


Teddies, Chopper & Class 320130328刘思逸

The Trees20130329刘徐紫奕

Talent Show of Mine20130330饶筠

Box of Memory20130332徐梓源

A Virtual Introduction20130334赵允一

To My Class20130336李思齐

Every Corner in WFLA20130339熊浩明

Days Gone By20130340徐骏宇

Farewell My Sail20130342俞奕枫

The Spirit of Changes20130343张瀚文

Days Gone By ...20130401何宜瑾

The Days with Football and You20130405陆一蕾

Meeting You in WFLA20130406钱佳雯

Blossom of the Faraway20130407钱彦融

A Love Letter to My Youth20130408王蕴博

Where Our Love Is20130409温嘉欣


Years in WFLA20130412陈子豪

4 Years School Life in My Wonderland20130414程宇萌

WFLA, Paradise20130423方蕴仪

I Love You, WFLA20130425孔斐

I Never Trot, I Wander20130427李云朗

Our Lovely School20130428史沁怡

My Classmates20130430夏倍蓓

The Worst Class in the School20130444朱原泓

Our School Library20135106周珏滢

Thank You, Renee20135110刘珈瑞

The Most Beautiful Four Years in WFLA20130502刘婧嫣

Days Gone By20130506姚天予

The Path20130511朱家乐

My Sweet Memories in WFLA20130513葛修远

Days Gone By in WFLA20130514黄子宸

Memories in WFLA20130521萧尧

If I Have a Wish That Will Come True20130525陈诺

We Are Always One20130529吉祥


Because This Is Class Five.20130531王馨怡

Role Plays Left Me Beautiful Memories in WFLA20130532张依琳

Growing with WFLA20130533周沫含

Memory Travel20130534陈跻洋


WFLA Happy Life20130538吴骏明

The Most Meaningful Place in WFLA20130539徐骏达

Beautiful Memories, Wonderful Days20130543陆笑冉

My Memory of WFLA20135114薛訾丰

My Unforgettable Life in WFLA20130602程佳绮

Enjoy Myself in WFLA20130604贺天悦

The Pure Land in My Heart WFLA20130605李萌冉

Memories of WFLA20130608邬睿童

Days as a WFLA Student20130611杨雨菡

The Sailing Days in WFLA20130614丁绎成

My Own Journey of WFLA20130617毛飞午

The Days Gone By20130618施矞馨

My Middle School Life20130619王之栋

My Wonderful School Life20130621殷振琪

Wonderful School Life20130622雍文涛

Acting Out Ourselves20130625李晔子

Things Happened in WFLA20130627林恬逸

Dear WFLA, I Wont Miss You in the Future20130628刘奕和

Walking Time20130630孙一祎

Memory of the Middle School20130632吴宇菲

Beautiful Memories with Basketball20130633张雨欣

The Days in WFLA20130639李青洋

Days Gone By in WFLA20130641杨帆

Those Memories20130642张常和

Days Gone By20135101耿玥

Days Gone By20135105赵佳欣


Unforgettable Time20136104董昱坤

The Dancing Room20136113吴佳桦


The Most Unforgettable English Festival20136123杨晨

Unforgettable English Festival20136125张晨熙

My Time There20136201Keri Wu

The Long Path Forever20136202高嘉蔚

Side By My Side20136204贺雪怀

Saying Goodbye to Distancerunning Fright20136206林玮

A Glance in Four Years20136208潘汝华

Feel Fortunate20136211吴忧凡

A Night Visit20136219施振文


Where Our Friendship Started20136311王逾辉

Diamonds in My Memory20136312徐晟佳

Time in WFLA20136313徐卓凡

Days I Remember20136319胡健星

School Memories20136321邵子卓

My Life in WFLA20136401崔悦杰

The Memories in WFLA20136402戴穗如

Best Places, Best Memories20136403戴晏如

Changes in My Life20136408王祎帆


Memories of the Time in WFLA20136419龚向杰


Everlasting Friendship品茗知交

Memories in WFLA20130106刘今悦

The Best Gift Which WFLA Gave Me Friends20130112赵佳璐

My Best Friends in WFLA20130128任婉婷

My Best Friend in WFLA20130130王峥

Experiences Enrich My Life20130223黄欣宇

Our Campus, Our Friendship20130314黄栋豪

Fighting with Friends20130335金天

Best Teammates20130341叶子冠


We Used to Be Here20135117郭硕

Days Gone By20130404刘卓然

Never Be Apart20130426李枢杰

A Lifelong Friend20130505徐溪澈

Counting Stars20130527胡佳桐

Thank you, My Friends20130542朱钦宇

You Are My Star20135103姜远骏

My Best Friend20130615蒋城奕

My Deskmate20130635郭埸楠

The Gift of My Growth20136111汤佳倩

DEAR FRIEND20136119金泰亨

A Best Classmate Is a Friend Forever20136124岳承熹

My Best Friend20136128庄士湘

The Deskmate of WFLA20136129万萧扬

Those I Love20136209宋亦清

My Friendship20136213赵晓晨

My Best Friend20136216刘云鹏

A Letter to All My Friends20136217邱柏硕

The Time with You20136226周骋劼

Place to Be20136314许婧祎

A Girl I Met on an Autumn Day20136315张慧羽

My Best Friend in WFLA20136316陈远朋

Brothers Forever20136324张成谦


Grateful Hearts感恩心语

WFLA Gives Me Confidence20130102关净植

To WFLA20130107刘芷谦

To My Best Teacher Jane20130117胡涛

We Are a Family20130119彭逸飞

Accompanying You Is the Best Gift for Me20130121张家诚

Im Lucky20130122周隽


Thank You, WFLA20130145高方载

The Appreciation20130205马一丹

Being Grateful20130214曹肇立

My Lovely Teachers20130224李思妍

My Gratitude20130230周思敬

Sirens of My Life the Voice within a Studentdirector20130235高一崴

Thank You, WFLA20130236郭峻泽

Thank You for Your Company20130237金昊多

Thank You20130238刘峄芃

Recalling the Life in WFLA20130241沈奕延

The Treasure20130318宋易桓

A Million Thanks20130324李铃悦

My Guiding Star20130333杨文奇

Love Around Me20135112徐浩文

Thank You, WFLA20135115杨哲灏

A Dedicated Combine20130413成思梁

Thank You20130420尚一骏

My Memories and My Gratitude20130421石烨坤

Seasons in the Sun20130422颜宇浩

Grateful and Proud20130435丁嘉翌

Many Thanks to You20130437李翰昶

Sparkling Stars in the Sky20130439邵易勤

The Insightful Eyes20130441杨了了

Thank You, WFLA20130442张浩天

A Change of Heart20130443张路易

Time to Say Goodbye20130517王超

Thanks for Having You Along the Way20130522徐承堃

Counting Stars20130527胡佳桐

Thank You, WFLA20130528黄心悦

We Arent Ever Getting Older20130541张郅杰

Thank You, My Friends20130542朱钦宇

My Gratitude20130624杜佳芸

Thank You, Mrs. Li20135104张羽寒

Everyone I Want to Say Thank You to20136102陈泽丽

I Want to Thank You, WFLA20136121林森


Thank You, All!20136225张轩畅

An Unforgettable Place20136229刘思元

The Teacher I Should Thank in My Middle School20136304丁曼华

Thank You, Mrs. Huang20136317董禹麟

The Most Unforgettable English Lesson20136416崔雷

Giving Thanks to My Parents20136427叶诗通


Seize The Day不负韶华

The Orange Tree20130104胡霖莲

A Different Taste of Growth20130105黄奕徍

Kindle the Flame of Thought20130109潘一珂

A Good Learning Habit20130116胡润芃

A Turning Point in My Life20130123陈宜有

WFLA, the Mentor on My Growth20136129孙嘉蔚

Ill Never Let Down My Efforts20130131肖霄

To the Best of Times20130132徐婧琛

A Record of My School Life20130133叶竑池

Building up Confidence Through Activities20130130周雨嘉

My Growth in WFLA20130140严宏翔

A Platform to Develop Myself20130143杨添

WFLA Will Always Be in My Heart20130144宗宇宁

The Music For All of Us20130204况奕欣

Youth Accompanied by WFLA20130221蔡子奕

Challenging and Improving20130312胡丞鸿

My Story in Arcadia20130337王奕丰

Good Change to See20130344朱天翼

The Best Decision Ever20130403刘牧昕

WFLA Teaches Me a Lot20130415杜哲成

Learn to Be Creative20130424黄丹蕾

Recalling, Changing, Developing20130431邢璐晶

WFLA and I20130432徐一储

WFLA, a Place Where My Dreams Come True20130433薛英好

The Attitude of WFLA20130501林昕钰

Learning Better by Confidence20130523蔡煜洁

WFLA: The Place Where Changes Take Place20130524陈凝川

What Doesnt Kill You Makes You Stronger20130544周天君

Rich Activities20135102季珺乐

The Youth, the Paradise20130603何沁芯

Life in WFLA20130613程彦臻


The Precious Things WFLA Gave Me20136302陈彦好

Growing up with Our Choir20136106黄稷凡

My Changes in WFLA20136109林贞佑

Four Years in WFLA Youth Is Elapsing, and Weve Grown up20136118管泉

Endless Horizon and Righteous Path20136212余晨霞

Appreciate WFLA20136214周艳

WFLA: the Signpost of My Life20136215刘施雨

Role Play and I20136218沈祎骁

English Festival in My Eyes20136305顾容禛

WFLA, I Love You Forever20136307康小丫

Its Been Four Years20136310孟书宇

My Footprints in WFLA20136407王亦白

WFLA Has Made Who I Am20136410闻琳

Believe in Myself20136411许海歌

A Special Memory of the Days Gone By20136418董嘉骏

WFLA A Part of My Life20136421李景涛

Memories of Challenges20136425邢梓峰


Chasing Dreams梦想羽翼

Saying Goodbye20130134张怡莲

Looking Towards the Future20130213鲍博闻

Thank You20130240周竞捷

The Days Gone By and the Coming Days20130418蒋博成

What WFLA Has Taught Me20130509张沄

You Can Be Anybody20130626李聿禾

Make the Dream Possible20136222徐端与

Finding My Dream in WFLA20136224袁浩

My Determination20136227周容稼

My Dreams20136407沈欣






前 言


My Trip to Hawaii

I have spent three years here studying in WFLA. I always enjoy taking part in the various school activities.

I learned a lot and had many happy memories during these activities. And the most unforgettable experience for me was the exchange program to Hawaii Island.

Last winter vacation, we left Shanghai and went to Hawaii Island. The weather there is warm and comfortable. Every morning we had two classes in the Brigham Young University. In the first class, we wrote diaries and shared them. And the second class was much more interesting. We always did activities in class. Sometimes we learnt Hula dance in the dancing room and sometimes we played sports in the gym.

In the afternoon, we usually visited some famous tourist sights. We learnt about the history and the culture of the island. We visited the Pearl Harbor, and experienced the cruelty of the war. We visited Polynesian Cultural Center, watched exciting shows and tasted delicious local food.

After school, our host mothers picked us up. Every night after dinner, we took a walk on the beach near the house. The sand was soft and the wind was cool. All the worries seemed to disappear. Sometimes we took a torch and caught crabs with the children in our host family ...

During this visit to Hawaii Island, I became more independent and learned to help others. Also, I made a lot of friends.

As you can see, this is one of the most unforgettable experiences in my middle school life. Now I
ll soon graduate. I treasure the time left and work even harder for a happy ending.

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